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Health Options that Matter of Kansas City



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Maternal Options that Matter (MOM) 
At MOM’s heart is our belief in family centered care. We believe health care staff and family are partners, who work together. Excellence in health care happens when we work together and honor the expertise each of us brings to every health encounter. Family centered care is a continual effort to be responsive to the needs and choices of each family.


"I have been very excited with the opportunity at the MOM Clinic. Such an energizing experience for me to help provide maternity care and in turn healthy pregnancies and healthy babies."- Kelsie Kelly, Medical Director Maternal Options that Matter

One goal-

To help more Wyandotte County babies celebrate their first birthday!


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Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives of Health Options that Matter of Kansas City, Inc. are to provide quality primary health care and supportive services in a family centered communitysetting to all, including the medically indigent, in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Board of Directors

  • Sharon Lee, MD- President and CEO (SW Blvd Family Health Care)
  • Belinda Vail, MD- Vice President (KU Department of Family Medicine, Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs)
  • Wendy Wilson- Secretary/Treasurer (Wyandotte County consumer advocate)
  • Josh Freeman, MD (KU Department of Family Medicine, Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs)
  • John Calkins, MD (KU Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
  • Cara Busenhart, RN, CNM (KU School of Nursing, Nurse-midwife Program Director)

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Healthcare for you and your family.

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